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WHIRLPOOL | Freestanding Chest Freezer White | WHM4611

Fast Freezing

  • Fast freezing.
    The Fast Freeze function sets the freezer temperature to 10 degrees colder than the lowest setting, to freeze food quickly and retain its nutritional values.

Large Freezer Capacity 

  • All the space you need.
    This Whirlpool Freezer’s large cavity ensures you can enjoy all the space you need to store your food.

Lock Protection

  • Lock protection.
    This Whirlpool Freezer features a lock system, for increased peace of mind.

Number of baskets: 4

  • Ideal space management.
    This Whirlpool Freezer includes four convenient baskets to help you tidily store your packages, boxes and bags of frozen food.



Outstanding capacity, providing all the space you need to store your food and drink. this Whirlpool freestanding chest Freezer features: White color. FastFreezing technology, that freezes your food faster, to protect its taste, texture and nutritional values. Large dimensions to fit your family needs. Space Max design, providing all the space you need to comfortably store your food and drink.