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MIELE | Miele G5260 SCVi Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 14 Place Settings & Optimum Drying | G5260 SCVi

MultiFlex Cutlery Tray
Sensor Dry Technology
Energy Rating: C
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Product information “Miele G5260 SCVi Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 14 Place Settings & Optimum Drying”
Introducing the Miele G 5260 SCVi Active Plus Fully integrated dishwasher with optimum drying results thanks to AutoOpen drying!

Optimum Drying with Less Energy

SensorDry intelligently adapts the programme for excellent drying results and to prevent damage to kitchen furniture. A sensor checks the load and measures the temperature inside the chamber and the room temperature. The programme is then adapted accordingly, e.g. by modifying the final rinse temperature. The aim: to stop condensation forming on cabinets and to reduce energy consumption and running time without compromising on consistent drying.

FlexLine Baskets

Intelligent basket design for all types of dishes – You’ll be astounded by the various options enabling all sorts of crockery and cutlery to be accommodated. The baskets can be pulled out safely from any angle thanks to the truly elegant handle. Cups sit securely on the FlexCare cup rack’s non-slip surface. Bowls fit perfectly into the split hinged row of spikes. And your precious wine glasses. The silicone buffers in the FlexCare glass holder take good care of them.


Best cleaning in less than an hour – An unbeatable combination: the QuickPowerWash programme and the perfectly tailored All in 1 UltraTabs achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results on normally soiled crockery in 58 minutes, just like the PowerDisk. These specially developed tabs only take 2-3 minutes to dissolve. This means that the cleaning performance begins right at the start of the wash cycle.

Fresh Water Dishwasher

Miele dishwashers rely solely on fresh water and in the Automatic programme can wash crockery with as little as 6 l of water – much less than the contents of a sink. With this feature, Miele has reduced water consumption by 85% over the last 30 years. Electricity consumption has also been reduced to new all-time lows: in the ECO programme, Miele dishwashers achieve energy consumption values of just 0.67kWh.


A door concept that does it all – Experience how easily the Miele door opens and closes. The door remains in the position of your choice.

Extra Dry

Perfect results for glassware and plastic items – Guaranteed dry: thanks to the extended drying phase and the increased final rinse temperature everything is perfectly dried, even glasses and plastic items.


Programme time halved – Sometimes things have to be done at the double: reduce the length of a programme by up to 50%.

The Original Cutlery Tray

The cutlery tray, a Miele invention, offers many benefits: All cutlery pieces are positioned separately and will not get scratched. Deposits are removed completely and the cutlery is dried perfectly. Moreover, unloading is convenient and hygienic.

Height-Adjustable Upper Basket

For all Miele dishwashers, the height of the upper basket is easily adjustable – even in a tilted position. A total of 9 positions are possible. This allows you to make full use of the wash cabinet each time you use the dishwasher.


ECO: Extremely economical: The water and energy saving programme is perfect for mixed loads.
Automatic: For crockery which is not sensitive to heat: For example mixed, everyday crockery with normal food deposits.
Intensive 75°C: Maximum cleaning performance: Pots, pans, etc. are cleaned residue-free.
Gentle: Gentle and with care: The programme cleans heat-sensitive crockery that is slightly dirty.
Short: Sometimes things have to be done fast: With the Short programme option you can reduce the cycle time


Height-Adjustable Upper Basket: Yes
Cutlery Tray: Yes
Colour: Stainless Steel
Delay Start up to 24 Hours: Yes
ComfortClose: Yes
Waterproof System: Yes
SensorDry: Yes
AutoOpen Drying: Yes
Wash Programmes and options: Gentle, Automatic, ECO, QuickPowerWash, Intensive 75 °C
Place Settings: 14
Number of Wash Programmes: 5
Delay Start: 24 Hours
Noise Level: 45 dB
Half Load: Yes
Width: 598 mm
Depth: 570 mm
Height: 805 mm
Weight: 44 kg
Energy Rating: C