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KENWOOD | Titanium Chef Patissier XL KWL90.004SI | * *Special Order – call for availability**

Make baking simple with the Kenwood KWL90.004SI Mixer, thanks to the intuitive features and the powerful 1400 W motor.

Melt ingredients – Adding a gentle heat to your mix can make all the difference to your results. With Titanium Chef Patissier XL’s 7L EasyWarm™ bowl you can make delicious Swiss meringue, melt chocolate 33% faster than with a bain marie and reduce the proving time of doughs by a third
Mess free measuring – In built EasyWeigh scales save time and reduce mess while baking, allowing you to weigh all your ingredients directly into the bowl as you go.
Creativity at your fingertips – With an intuitive 2.4” BakeAssist™ touchscreen, precise mixing control is at your fingertips.
Baking 2 in 1 – Nesting inside the 7L EasyWarm™ bowl, is a 5L mixing bowl, both of which fit the machine without any adjustments.The DuoBowl allows seamless baking, simply swap your bowl when required and carry on creating
1400W Powerful ChefMotor™ – Certified by The Quiet Mark™, create when inspiration strikes with Kenwood’s quietest ever Kitchen Machine
Nesting DuoBowl™ – never limit your creativity with 7L and 5L stainless steel bowls
BakeAssist™ – easy to use navigation, it’s never been easier to get your best results in the kitchen.



Perfect for the baking fanatic
Are you a real baking fanatic? Then the Chef Titanium Patissier XL KWL90.004SI kitchen machine from Kenwood is indispensable in your kitchen! Imagine a food processor in which you can make dough rise and melt ingredients. A food processor that is also equipped with a built-in scale, a full color touchscreen with pre-set functions, two mixing bowls, lighting in the bowl and which is easy to operate with one hand. With this Chef you have all that at home!

Kitchen machine Chef Titanium Patissier XL KWL90.004SI

7L EasyWarm ™ bowl

Not only melt ingredients, but hearts too
A little warmth can make all the difference. With the Chef Titanium Patissier XL’s 7-liter EasyWarm ™ bowl , you can prepare tasty Swiss meringue, melt chocolate 33% faster than in a classic bain-marie and reduce dough rising time by a third *.

* Melt chocolate 33% faster than with a standard Kenwood mixing bowl and 33% faster than in a classic au bain-marie. Internally tested with 500 g of dough and 100 g of chocolate.

Kitchen machine Chef Titanium Patissier XL KWL90.004SI

EasyWeigh scale

Roads without hassle
With the built – in EasyWeigh scale, you save time and mess, because you simply weigh all ingredients directly in the mixing bowl. So no unnecessary hassle or mess.

The scale also works when the optional accessories are attached to the food processor. So you can also weigh in the blender, food processor or juicer if they are attached.

Kitchen machine Chef Titanium Patissier XL KWL90.004SI

Interlocking DuoBowl ™

2-in-1 baking
Many recipes require more than one bowl at a time. The Chef Titanium Patissier XL has two. Practical right?

The EasyWarm ™ bowl of 7 liters contains a mixing bowl with a capacity of 5 liters. Both bowls fit on the food processor, you don’t even have to adjust anything. With the DuoBowl you can bake smoothly and simply change bowls if necessary and continue.

LightLift head
LightLift head
Thanks to a handy cup release button, the LightLift cup of the Chef Titanium Patissier XL makes it easy to add ingredients to your mix.

Recipes app
Recipes app
Download the Kenwood World app for daily recipe inspiration. Experiment with new ingredients, flavors from all over the world and discover tips to get more out of your Chef.

25+ optional accessories
25+ optional accessories
Expand your creativity with a huge range of over 25 optional accessories. The high or low speed drive of your Cooking Chef XL fits many different accessories such as a pasta maker, meat grinder, juicer, food processor and more!

EasyClean tools
EasyClean tools
Generations of bakers have fallen in love with Kenwood’s iconic versatile K-beater. Not only is this stainless steel K-beater included, but also the stainless steel balloon whisk, dough hook and stirring accessory. These tools are dishwasher safe, but also very easy to clean yourself.

BowlBright ™ lighting in the mixing bowl
BowlBright ™ lighting in the mixing bowl
Thanks to our patented BowlBright ™ lighting in the mixing bowl, contents are 14 times brighter than an unlit bowl. Keep a close eye on the mixing process like a true expert!

Powerful 1400 W motor
Powerful 1400 W motor
With a digitally controlled 1400 W motor you will never lose power in a critical recipe phase. Strong and durable, for the lightest, but also the heaviest mixtures.

Accessories and capabilities
Flexi beater:Yes
K beater:Yes
General specifications
Housing:Cast metal
Mixing bowl material:Stainless steel
Mixing bowl accessory material:Stainless steel
Weight:8.5kg (without mixing bowl)
Function and size
Function to run continuously:Yes
Planetary Rotation:Yes
Anti-splash cover:Yes
Capacity-cake:2kg & 4kg
Capacity- dough:564g & 2.56kg
Capacity proteins:8 & 16
Capacity- flour for pastry:500g & 9